AMK Cambodia

Angkor Mikroheranhvatho (Kampuchea) Co. Ltd. is one of the largest, best known MFIs in Cambodia.  Its original and current majority shareholder, Concern Worldwide, and Agora collaborate closely on microfinance.  All of the principals involved in Agora also have a long record of working with and helping to build AMK.

AMK works with over 300,000 clients, mainly in rural Cambodia. Headquartered in Phnom Penh, it is one of the very few MFIs with nationwide coverage.  The institution is known for its deep rural outreach, high levels of client satisfaction, flexible product offerings and high operational efficiency.  It has evolved from a credit-heavy MFI to a more complete bank for the poor, that now offers deposits and remittances at competitive rates.​  Through the use of its own agent network, AMK also offers mobile phone-based transactions for deposits and transfers.

Recognized for its commitment to and excellence in social performance management, AMK is globally known as a leader among MFIs.  Since its inception in 2003 the institution has won numerous awards for social performance and  client satisfaction.

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